About Us

DanceArt Academy was created to provide a welcoming atmosphere to students of all levels. Encouragement is key for children to grow and thrive.  At DanceArt Academy, our mission is to thoroughly and professionally train each individual in dance as well as other performing arts. We believe everyone should be given a chance to dance.  We strive for excellence in all areas and through encouragement, joy, inspiration, and celebration, beautiful artists emerge.

We are family friendly, non-competitive and age appropriate in our teaching, music, costuming and choreography. We LOVE serving our community. We strive to provide excellent instruction in dance and music education to the novice or experienced artist.

Our program includes:

*Age appropriate choreography and costuming

*Friends and fun

*Performance opportunities for all students

*Positive and encouraging atmosphere

*Family values

*Community service opportunities

*Class viewing system

*Lessons for a life time

*So much more than just great dancing!

Some Pictures From Last Year’s Nutcracker Suite



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A Place Where Dance, Joy, Determination, and Encouragement Intermingle!

DanceArt Academy has locations on the northern edge of Colorado Springs, the southern most edge of Colorado Springs, in Fountain and in several pre-schools around the city. The studio began with a few home-school students looking for something a little bit different. It quickly expanded to more than just a few home-school students. The little ones at age 2 are delighted and enchanted watching the 16 year old students en pointe. In 2012, we stepped into the lights of the Colorado dance arena with much hope and trust that we could provide an educational and enjoyable experience for all who wish to explore the world of dance! We have something to offer everyone, from the 2 year old who just wants to spin, to the pre-professional aspiring dancer who wants to be challenged in the studio every day. We have a well-rounded, professional staff ready to teach, inspire, and encourage the dancer in your life. Come, experience DanceArt Academy and be one of our Shining Stars! We look forward to cheering you on!

Studio general info


We’re so excited to have you dancing with us! Here are a few ways to make your experience the best that it can be.


Stay Connected.

•    Check out THE STUDIO via our website at WWW.danceartacad.com Answers to many common questions can be found on the website including important updates, the dress code and the studio calendar.

•    THE STUDIO is also on Facebook at danceartacademy, llc. We update our page often – information on studio closures, special promotions and studio news will be shared there.

•    Make sure THE STUDIO has the correct contact information for your family. Update your e-mail address at the front desk. All of our important announcement and tuition notices will be sent through email.

•    If you have questions for your dancer’s teacher, please send an email to the front desk at danceartacad@gmail.com Our classes run on a tight timeline, teachers normally won’t have time to answer questions or address issues between classes. We recommend you set up a meeting with your teacher and our director so that we can personally address any concerns you may have.

Studio logistics.

•    For the safety of our students, dancers should be picked up and dropped off inside the studio.

•    Come a little early to class – but not too early – 10 minutes should give your dancer enough time to use the restroom, get their shoes on and get prepared for class.

•    Dancers should be ready to start dancing at the time their class starts. This means they have their shoes on, hair ready and are waiting by the studio their class is in. If your dancer needs to change at the studio, please allow ample time.

•    Please park in the provided parking lot. Help us be good neighbors by respecting the parking signs around the building.

•    Dancers should have their hair pulled back and off their neck for all classes. Check THE DRESS CODE for information about specific attire and hair requirements for your dancer’s classes.

Personal Items.

•    Please put your dancer’s name on all dance items, especially shoes.

•    The lost and found box is located at the front desk – check it often. Older Students can leave belongings on the shelves in the student lounge – bags, jackets and street shoes should stay outside the classroom.  Younger students should leave belongings outside their classrooms.

•    Leave valuable items at home – THE STUDIO is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

As always, if you have any questions or needs, please let us know. The best way to contact us is via email danceartacad@gmail.com

We look forward to a wonderful season of dancing with you!

-The DanceArt Academy Studios