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DanceArt Academy 2018-2019 Season

Join us for our Open House!

Saturday, August 11 12:00 noon – 4:00 p.m.

Register – tour the new facility – catch up with friends

Gleneagle Square at the intersection of Gleneagle and Struthers

PDF Download: North Location Fall 2018 -2019

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DanceArt Academy was created to provide a welcoming atmosphere to students of all levels. Encouragement is key for children to grow and thrive.  At DanceArt Academy, our mission is to thoroughly and professionally train each individual in dance as well as other performing arts. We believe everyone should be given a chance to dance.  We focus on the individual dancer/child to provide a personalized pathway for training.  We strive for excellence in all areas and through encouragement, joy, inspiration, and celebration, beautiful artists emerge.

Best Dance Teachers in Colorado Springs

Gleneagle Square, Gleneagle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO. 80921